Hey! I'm lachie

& I love to program silly apps and games, ever since I started at 7 years old.

In my spare time, I've made games like Desktop Mark and Gungaem, as well as some sites like rocker.markets and cheesgle.com.
Alongside this hobby, I'm a full-time grade 9 student and also enjoy VR & graphic design

I have a whole lot more projects on the old version of this website



A top-down multiplayer shooter inspired by Item Asylum- every respawn, you get 2 random weapons to fight with in a variety of gamemodes and maps!

Currently, the only server is located in Australia. I plan to bring it to Steam soon!

Work-in progress

p5.js Node.js CSS3

title screen


Desktop Mark

A simple minigame-centric idler revolving around the silly character of Mark, a smiley that bounces all around your screen. Every so often, Mark hits the corner and prompts you to procrastinate & have some fun with Mark.

My first commercial project, helping me learn more about building, workflows, economics and marketing.

Released 23 Jun, 2023

Electron JavaScript CSS3 Steam

much mark

very fun


A physics & logic puzzler about merging shapes and traits, similar to Suika games. A triangle might be bouncy, your septagon sick & coughing, or an ennenagon defying the laws of physics.

Also contains mod support, although unused- the game didn't gain much attraction.

Released 15 Jan, 2024

p5.js JavaScript CSS3 Steam

i'm chris pratt

& you are do-deca-done!


A silly broken economy based around the successes of Roblox games, where you can make quintillions of fake internet points.

Each Roblox game is scraped for its player count and likes, then turned into a stock price! Features buying, selling, tax evasion and a leaderboard.

Released 25 Nov, 2023

p5.js Node.js CSS3 MongoDB

why does pika have


cheesgle byte

The Cheesgle Byte One is a new generation of cheesy phone built upon the same technologies as the web, and is here to serve you.

A "web-os" with custom apps, permissions, cheese, and more! Had a small community before Replit ruined itself.

Released Sep 17, 2022

JavaScript CSS3

it's quite

quite silly

What I know

Node.js JavaScript CSS3 HTML5 Express Electron p5.js MongoDB Steam Pixlr Replit npm GitHub

say hi!!

email: [email protected]

gmail: [email protected]

discord: coding398

what i'm available for

  • website commisions
  • graphic design commisions
  • a friendly chat

i'll add my resume here soon

other socials

reddit: codingmaster398

cheese.social: coding398

steam: codingmaster398

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twitter: coding398

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